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Training with bands is incredibly fun, very varied, maximally specific and extremely effective. On the one hand, this should and will be expressed in our training courses. On the other hand, it places high demands on the mediating persons. That’s why FLEXVIT works with coaches who are experts in their fields and have years of their own experience with bands because they use them in creative and functional ways in their workouts with patients, clients or top athletes.


Tim is the developer of the FLEXVIT Bands and owner of the Flexible Sports GmbH behind it. He holds a degree in business administration, is a trained sports manager and completed an executive MBA at one of the renowned British business schools. He also worked internationally in the sports industry. Tim looks back (joyfully and almost injury-free) on a 50-year partially semi-professional career in soccer, which he is still trying to extend through functional band training. His greatest success was a bronze medal at the 1993 Universiade in Buffalo, USA.

He is not a fitness coach, but he does have the UEFA A license in soccer, during which he also started thinking about better bands for athletic training. With his experience as a player and trainer, he accompanies the developments of the FLEXVIT trainings as an advisor (and sometimes as a pre-tutor).

Patrick Herzog Pat.fit Functional Band Training


Patrick is a sports scientist, personal trainer with his own studio near Munich and presenter at many events. He is a pioneer in the field of functional training as well as one of the few experts in functional band training to date. In 2019, he was named Germany’s best athletic trainer of the year. He has also developed his own innovative tools for functional training, such as the PATmat and the PATrigger. His work with office athletes, as well as top athletes, is characterized by high creativity and effectiveness. Patrick is the mastermind behind our Band Essentials course and presents it at the same time.
Stefan Liebezeit FLEXVIT Academy Coach


Stefan is a sports scientist, co-owner of two premium personal training studios in Munich and vice president of the Health Expert Alliance in Germany. He coaches both managers and top athletes in maintaining and improving their performance. As an international TRX master coach and absolute functional training expert, he is a sought-after presenter at many congresses.

Stefan is the initiator of our Daily7 training concept, which in his work has proven to be effective on the one hand and on the other hand is understandable for everyone with regard to the challenge of putting together one’s own daily training.

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