Bands as modern & functional training tools

Functional Band Training

Movement is everything

The human body is an amazingly complex web of interconnected muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons, bones and other tissues and organs. And it is made for movement. Expressive muscles tend to follow an ideal of beauty and limit human performance to specific activities.

Functional Training views the body as this total package and focuses on the perfect interaction of several muscle chains and joints – instead of isolated muscles, movements are trained with the goal of improving the quality of movement and thus creating the basis for healthy and sustainable performance whether as a top athlete or as an “everyday athlete”.

Depending on the movement and load can functional training serve to optimize performance in the areas of strength, speed, endurance, coordination and mobility. It can prepare for different movement requirements while preventing injuries in everyday life and sports.

Training follows Function!

Functional fitness thus focuses on the efficient control of muscle chains (not just individual muscles or muscle groups), the activation of proper muscle function (not the available auxiliary muscles, which can lead to faulty compensation patterns), and the learning of basic movement patterns (not pure strength building).

A central role is always played by the trunk muscles, as a stabilizing and force-conducting core, and the protective auxiliary muscles of the joints. Compared to equipment-based training, functional training always requires the body itself to work in order to control the execution of movements.

Functional. Flexible. Effective.

With FLEXVIT bands is possible efficient training of muscle chains and movements. All movements can be supported with the help of ligaments (regression), which is beneficial when learning or relearning. However, they can also be performed with resistance (progression), which is used when an increase in performance is desired.

Due to the progressive resistance (the more the band is stretched, the higher the resistance), the result is a maximum, individualized training load for exercises of all kinds. The special property of bands also allows force development in all directions, which is crucial when training movements relevant to everyday life and sports.

Functional Band Training!

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