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The vision of FLEXVIT Training & Education is to make the benefits and knowledge around Functional Band Training (FBT) known and experienced worldwide.

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All of our coaches are experts in their fields with extensive experience as Trainer, lecturer and author. You have been using fitness bands as training tools for many years in their practical work.

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FLEXVIT is the first premium manufacturer of elastic textile woven athletic bands. The fitness bands have been developed since 2015 in close collaboration with athletics experts and Therapists developed.

Functional Band Training for Therapy, Fitness and Sports

Training with bands is modern, very effective and highly variable. It can be performed to restore performance, improve fitness and achieve peak performance in all sports. It makes the training independent of place and time. All people, from youth to advanced age, can benefit. Trainers and therapists have a unique tool at their disposal to help their athletes, clients and patients achieve their individual goals with fun and efficient training.

FLEXVIT Academy Functional Band Training
Academy FLEXVIT Functional Band Training
Funtional Band Training Academy by FLEXVIT


The unique quality and the widest product range make FLEXVIT the world’s leading brand for tapes in performance, fitness and therapy. Developed by coaches for coaches and manufactured in Germany, FLEXVIT tapes offer an innovative and extensive range of applications. Our mission is to develop innovative products that help people achieve their health and athletic goals and get the most out of their training – flexibly, innovatively and sustainably.

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